Additive Masterbatch

Let’s say you need an additive to improve your processing conditions or improve the shelf life of the packaged product, or you would like your Green House Film to last another season. We have a solution!

Our Additive Masterbatch can help you enhance the quality, strength, look and feel of your end product.

All the Additive Masterbatches are available in different resin types and with variable active ingredient loadings that can be specially developed for use at a suggested addition rate.

Samet Plast can also manufacture tailor-made additive blends for your particular industry. Simply tell us what properties your finished goods need to exhibit and our technical specialists can do the rest!

Our Additive Masterbatch Products Application

Our Product Table


Additive Masterbatch are:Download PDF
Slip Masterbatch
Anti-Block Masterbatch
Polymer Processing Aid Masterbatch
Anti-Static Masterbatch
Nucleating & Clarifying Agent Masterbatch
Anti-Rodent Masterbatch
Chemical Foaming Agent Masterbatches (Exothermic & Endothermic)
Anti Moisture Masterbatch
Antimicrobial Masterbatch
Infrared Masterbatch
Oxo Bio Degradable Masterbatch
Anti-Fog Masterbatch
Heat Stabilizers
Flame Retardant Packages
Stiffening Agents
Optical Brighteners
VCI Master Batch
Chain Extenders
Silicon Masterbatch
Fragrance Masterbatch
BOPP Film Modifier Masterbatch