Black Masterbatch

As a leader in Black Masterbatch, Samet Plast offers innovative formulations that provide quality and consistency for our products. Samet Plast black masterbatch play a key role in markets like agricultural, packaging, electronics, textiles and nonwovens, wire & cable, automotive, construction, and toys.

Our dispersion technology and raw material expertise, allows processors to achieve the highest degree of opacity using minimum quantities of masterbatch. Our products are engineered to provide greater synergies with wide varieties of additive packages, all to bring more profit to your bottom line.

Black Masterbatch Product Highlights:

  • Ultra dispersion
  • Ease of processability and distribution at our customer
  • Durability from ultra violet light
  • Durability against extreme weather conditions
  • Electro-static conductive grades
  • Food contact acceptable grades
  • Photo-degradable products
  • Super-jet-blacks / Deep-black colors
  • High temperature resistance grades
  • Easy flow / Low viscosity products

Some of Samtone® Black Masterbatches Grades are


Product NameCodesCB%Carrier ResinApplication
BlackPE-82250PECompounding, Pipes & Film extrusion
Black PE-82350PERotomolded Tanks, HDPE Pipes, Molding & Film extrusion
Mulch Black PE-82040PESpecification pipes, drip irrigation,Non-Woven,Geo membranes & UV sensitive applications
V mulch Black PE-82540PEHDPE Pipes, laterals, Geo textiles, Thin films(for high gloss and jetness) & UV sensitive applications
SP Black PE-80140PEThin Films, Mulch films,Tarpaulins, Lamination and Precision moldings
Black PE-110140PEEconomical grade for Injection molding & thick film extrusion
Black PE-83535PECost-effective grade suitable for molding and extrusion.
Eco BlackPE-80620PEEconomical grade for all types of molding & Garbage bags
Super BlackPE-83033PPPremium quality PP fiber grade, both fine and coarse denier multifilament yarns, monofilaments, non-woven with excellent dispersion
PS BlackPS-80140PSPremium black for PS Extrusion & molding
BlackEVA-80140UNIVERSALMultipurpose molding grade for PP, HIPS, ABS & other polymers
Nylon Plus BlackNY-80125Nylon-6Nylon base,molding & extrusion grade