Mr. Shwetang Patel is the founder of Samet Plast. He has been in the profession for over 22 years. He has been serving company with Visionary, Leadership and Excellent.

MR. Shwetang Patel who has a more than 20 years of Experience, would be mostly found on shop floors at customer premises. With his vast knowledge and unique troubleshooting skills, he began the culture of co-creating products with customers. His uncompromising attitude towards product quality and hands-on mentoring of employees made sure that success came calling in short span of a year.

When He started the company, our founders had set a humble goal of selling 100 tons of Masterbatch every month to sell. The magic of ‘adding well’ that we create today was a blessing from the divine and has been embedded in our founder’s vision and beliefs. Today we are produced 5000 MT Masterbatch per year.

Samet Plast began expanding and opened two new Industries in 2016.  Today, SAMTONE is helping brands around the world transform their products by making them safer, sustainable and affordable. Even today Samet Plast engineers can be found on the customer shop floors, looking for opportunities to co-create and make them more profitable.

Promise of Samet Plast:  As we surge ahead into the new age of plastics, the industry faces newer challenges and demands. We embrace them all and are confident that our perseverance and spirit of enterprise will allow us to cross the chasm of change while we continue to ‘add good’ for our customers, partners, and employees.