Mono Colour Masterbatch

Developed with special technology and special additives, this product is manufactured in pellets form to give an excellent dispersion. It is used in fiber applications where the dispersion is critical and the high tensile strength of the product is important. Mono Colour Concentrate Samet Plast recently got a success to manufacture Mono colour Concentrate in pellets form, it means 40%, 50% mono organic pigment loading.

Generally organic pigments like phthalocyanine, azo, dis azo, quainocrydone etc. are very difficult to disperse in polymer at higher concentrate. Because the formation of aggregates & agglomerates creates a poor dispersion in film application & screen chocking in mono & multi filament application when higher concentrations are required.

Samet plast developed Mono colour concentration by special technology & special additives give an excellent dispersion. Our mono colour concentrates are used, where good dispersion is essential like Fiber application where the dispersion of master Batch is critical and a high tensile strength of the fiber is important. It helps prevent screen plugging & enhance rheology. Samet Plast exports 90% of the total production of mono colour concentrates.


Special Advantages of Mono Colour :

  • Mono colour concentrate masterbatches are 100% dust free, so cleaning cost & material wastage are kept to a minimum. Produce little waste because no residue remains in packaging & give lowest cleaning time.
  • Mono colour concentrate masterbatches have high colouring strength & consequently their addition levels are low. In this way coloring cost can be kept to a minimum.
  • Gives excellent dispersion & reduces screen plugging compared to any other colouring matter.
  • Mono colour concentrate requires low energy to disperse in the given polymer at low shear.
  • Mono colour concentrate requires low energy consumption.

Samtone Products Application


Sr No.Product NameCode No.Pigment CI NamePhysical Form% Organic Pigment.Light Fast nessHeat Stability
1Lemon YellowPE-301Yellow 13Pellets40%6-7200 C
2Golden YelloePE-302Yellow 83Pellets40%6-7200 C
3HT YellowPE-303Yellow 191Pellets40%8300 C
4LT YellowPE-304Yellow 62Pellets40%7240 C
5OrangePE-305Orange 13Pellets40%6-7220 C
6HT OrangePE-306Orange 34Pellets40%6-7220 C
7Brilliant RedPE-307Red 48:1Pellets40%5-6240 C
8Tomato RedPE-308Red 53:1Pellets40%3-4240 C
9Dark RedPE-309Red 57:1Pellets40%5-6220 C
10Blood RedPE-310Red 170Pellets40%7260 C
11MD RedPE-311Red 48:2Pellets40%5-6220 C
12Bright RedPE-312Red 254Pellets40%8280 C
13Bright VioletPE-313Violet 23Pellets40%7-8260 C
14Bright PinkPE-314Red 122Pellets40%8300 C
15Bright MagentaPE-315Violet 19Pellets40%8300 C
16Brilliant BluePE-907Blue 15:3Pellets40%8300 C
17HT BluePE-908Blue 15:1Pellets40%8280 C
18Bright GreenPE-909Green-7Pellets40%8300 C