PET Masterbatch              

PET Masterbatch – Samet Plast offers an extensive range of Masterbatch for PET Bottles which meet stringent requirements of food/packaging (FDA Approved) with brilliance in transparency & colour strength. The colours can be formulated in a vast array of bright & rich shades that frequently cannot be achieved with traditional pigment/dye technology.


Samtone PET Masterbatches

  • PET White
  • PET Amber
  • PET Sprite Green
  • Hazzy Colour  PET Masterbatch
  • Traslucent Colour  PET Masterbatch
  • Transparent Colour  PET Masterbatch
  • Pearl PET Masterbatch

PET Colour Masterbatch


  • App 30 colours for Fridge Preforms & Bottles
  • Blue colour for Water Bottle & Jar
  • Tupperware colours (app 12 colours ) for fridge bottle.
  • New FROSTY COLOURS for a bottle.
  • Blue, Amber, Pharma Green & opaque white  for Pesticide Bottles
  • Amber colours for Pharmaceuticals Preforms
  • Opaque colours (Blue,Green,Yellow,Pink) for Water Bottles
  • Metallic & Pearl shades for Cosmetics Bottles
  • Pet Film & Extruded Sheet
  • Pet Strapping

PET Pharma Amber

Pet Pharma Amber Colour for pharmaceutical preforms in various

PET Additives

PET Shiner: Specially developed additive for shining in natural preform for Mineral water bottles & jars. Shiner also helps to improve transparency & scratch resistance.

PET Brightner

Slight blue tone for transparent perform for removal of yellow tone

Product Highlights:

  • No migration to water, oil & medicines
  • Excellent colour fastness
  • Low dosage level of 0.1 % to 0.5 % as per final product application
  • Granual size up to 2 MM.
  • UV stability
  • Food contact appliances certification (EU Standard Certificate)
  • Excellent processing stability
  • Consistence quality & ready stock available (Catering even small qty)

Advantage of Traditional Form of Granuals:

  • Hand mixing possible
  • Less wastage due to higher dosage level
  • Low inventory cost of all colours due to price
  • Fast colour changing due to less colour in barrel
  • Pre drying possible with PET granules if required
  • Custom made colour possible while production with mixing two colours
  • No shade variation due to vibration of machine & doser
Samtone PET Masterbatch