White Masterbatch


From simple injection moulding application to the multilayer film, Samet Plast has a very extensive range of White Masterbatch.

Thanks to our state of the art R&D facility and extensive experience we offer White masterbatch for almost all application and polymers.

Some of Samtone® White Masterbatch Grades are

Product NameCodesTiO2 ContentCarrier Resin NameApplication Form
Stretch Super White SI30700000LN75PE•Premium quality grade for high end application
•like thin film extrusion
•blow molding
•multilayer film
Super White805SI336700L 65PE•Suitable for films, & high end Rotational
•Molding, mulch film, stretch film
Agro WhiteSI406000L60PE•Shade Net
•Mulch Film
•Green house film
Pure White SI554500L55PE•Milk film
•Injection molding Blow
•molding & thick film
P WhitePE-51040PE•Thick film extrusion
•injection molding
BP WhitePE-53032PE•Blow molding & thick
•film extrusion
Eco WhitePE-51412PE•Economy grade for injection molding
WhitePS-50120PE•Best suited forThermoforming
•sheet extrusion of dairy food containers